Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Khunta blames the guilty but in doing so completely misses the point.

British politicians of all of the Tripartite parties have certain things in common. Most are public school educated, rarely have worked in anything useful and rarely if ever know how the NHS works. Given their incredible qualifiacations this makes them most able to comment on anything that has happened previously for they all have Korsecofspsychosis.

So the current Secretary of State Khunta kinde has decreed that the current A&E problem is all down to the GPs. It is all down to GPs failure to provide "proper out of hours care". We presume he means that GPs no longer provide him with a trip to see "matron" ooh er missus whenever he didn't feel well?

Excuse me Khunta but who is responsible for and whose responsibility has it been to provide "proper out of hours care" since 2004?

Go on Khunta have a guess. It shouldn't be difficult you are after all the minister in charge of providing health care. Can't mange to think that hard we will give you a clue:

the Primary Care Trusts.

The PCTs were charged with this after the 2004 contract was agreed by one of your Tripartite healthcare partners using your market good, NHS bad, philospohy the idea was that GPs were bad at proving out of hours care and so the private sector could do better and improve it for a fraction of the cost it took to provide then.

It did within 3 years costs had tripled and out of hours care got worse. And that was the GPs fault for a service that they did not then commission? Excellent retardation Khunta a PPE graduate with a non degree and the ability to speak Japanese a difficult language to learn a few decades too late to be useful for your average FEPOW.   

Well Khunta doesn't know his history but he may just be right. After all the PCTs are now dead and have been replaced by Khunta Care CCGs which are meant to be run by GPs as the whole of the medical profession is behind your reforms - not.

Now given this 100% solidarity it should only be a matter of days for GPs to fix everything that the Trpartite healthcare system has given the British people since 2004. Give the GPs a break they have only been in charge 24 days when you made your statement.

What will be next a change to the GP contract to restore 24 hour responsibility that should be easy to do you only have to consult to do that? Maybe a new Dave "unaccountable" Nicholson efficiency gain sorry target to provide the out of hours for lessthan the £6000 a year your Tripartie predecessors thought that a professional with a minimum of 9 years training was worth per hour? Far cheaper than paying the National minimum wage and it gets the Tripartite health coalition off the hook too.

Come to think of it under Khunta Care things can only get better. If we could put an F between the K and C that should help market something but we can't think what?

Praise be to the Party for ensuring that whoever is the Secretary of Dtate for Health the only qualification they need is absolutely no idea about the NHS both now, in the past and the future too.