Sunday, 19 October 2014

Ebola watch 002.

The pig is well and truly back as the Party once again enlists morons to do nothing. Look at this video and see how well the UK protects its borders.

Note the high standards employed here. Admire the operative skillfully utilizing the remote temperature detecting device as he flouts every pathetic rule devised by infection control witches as some have referred to them as. Is Ebola secreted in sweat so a punter with a temperature will have placed antiperspirant in their ears to ensure a safe passage into the UK via ear probe infection control? 

Is the thermometer deployment technician wearing gloves? 


Presumably he will discard the single use cover for the temperature probe using his bare hands or more likely than not use it on the next punter to achieve efficiency gains as this is an NHS deployed Advanced Thermometer Deployment Technician (ATDT) 2nd class? (He will become a first class one after his next ear probe deployment assignment no doubt after some ment from his mentor and with honours after his third).

If this “suspect” case was sweating buckets and infected with Ebola how likely would he avoid infection in this video? How easy is it to avoid touching someone in these circumstances particularly an unwell distressed mobile ill child?

Note the highly sophisticated badge no doubt leaning at the required angle according to regulations with the logo Public Health England on it. There must be an excess of 1970s naff conference badges floating around that hadn’t had anything printed on them until now.

And did you notice what the ATDT did at the end of the encounter? He shook hands no doubt confident that the normal temperature meant no case of Ebola would ever get by him!

Are we being cynical oop North or is the NHS still the best prepared country in the world for Ebola?

Based on this video which was on national news probably (not).

Of course his tie and long sleeves of permeable material will mean that at the end of a long day sticking things in ears (oooh er misses) he will never infect anyone for a badge with Public Health England makes you impermeable to the Ebola virus. This is more to do with the fact that Public Health England do not do patients or anything else useful so to be let out of their box to play for a camera must have been a career highlight.

Praise be to the Party for ensuring that once again we are probably the best prepared country in the world for Ebola. Just look at our frontline and see Johnny Ebola quivering in his boots by jingo he won’t like that probe up him again!