Saturday, 12 October 2013

Monitor does maffs and does it so well.

A recent piece in the magazine Pulse caught the eye of one of the GPs we now have to report on and the GPs feel this is worthy of wider dissemination to illustrate how good those who are meant to regulate healthcare in the UK are.

Look at the second paragraph:

“The health regulator said that GPs should be asked to increase their productivity by 10% to 20%, enabling them to see an extra two to four patients a day." 

So if a 10% increase in productivity = 2 patients a day, and a 20% increase in productivity = 4 patients a day, then 5% based on these figures = 1 patient.

100% = 20 times 5% so therefore the average GP in the UK sees 20 X 1 patients per day = 20 whole patients per day according to Monitor the regulator. (Think North Staffs maffs here guys).

No wonder Jeremy Hunt is angry. He thinks GPs are seeing less patients than your average MPs surgery 2 hours once a month. Idle bastards!

Funny how GPs already know that GPs are currently working at around 250% above Monitor's baseline 100% each day. Shouldn’t we be scaling back to what the Monitor believes we are currently working for health and safety reasons? 

Praise be to the Party for ensuring that they continue to employ those in the bottom third of the UK education system and worse still those in charge believe what these idiots tell them.