Monday, 29 September 2008

NHS Shortage of Cash?

Watched Alistair Darling the other day saying that they have pumped £100 billion into the banking system.

The NHS is forecast to have a £1 billion surplus.

And we still cannot fund basic healthcare.

Cancer suffers are denied drugs that given the sums involved would cost peanuts.

Prop up a Bank aka a Government (to prevent it failing or is that falling?) but remember to shaft the people paying to prop up the Bank.

They are called voters known to us as patients.

Praise be to the Party and its managers for they are omnipotent and all caring (for themselves?).

Sunday, 28 September 2008

(Dr) Neil Bacon and - the next stage?

Fellow resistance fighters (and bloggers) a lot has been written by you on this subject and I feel that the time has come for the worms to turn.

I do not know if this idea has been posted before but I am proposing that someone sets up a website and invite NHS managers to post their best cost saving ideas and rate themselves in their cost saving effectiveness.

This would enable the public to be protected from incompetent management as the greater the healthcare savings reported by the managers who would be self reporting, self auditing and unaccountable as they are in real life the worse the patient care would be.

Furthermore this would provide the Government with an “independent” sample as does Neil Bacon. We can thus Protect Patients and Guide Doctors to the best health care and provide an “unbiased” sample that the Party could use to influence and reform healthcare?

Anyone game for a laugh comrades?

If we worked in a democracy it might work.

Praise be to the Party.

Welcome to Northern Doc

Hey Up Luv welcome to a new blog that comments on matters relating to NHS medical care (or not) in the far reaches of the United Kingdom.

Unlike other blogs about the NHS this one will be confined itself to the barely known area of the United Kingdom that lives above Watford Gap.
Welcome to Northernshire.

For the people that govern us anything above the mythical Watford Gap is as Germany was to Ancient Rome a barbarian nation full of hairy warlike peoples with no brains who say Ecky Thump, drink beer, eat fish and chips and race whippets and pigeons while placing ferrets down their trousers. For many of our governors anything north of the Thames is out world as beyond the Houses of Parliament does not exist.

By way of introduction I am someone who has lived in Northernshire for most (but not all) of my life and work as a practising clinician in one of the most affluent areas of Northernshire where private health care abounds, smoking and drinking do not exist and all my patients are Guardian, Country Life and Tatler readers and so if some of what I say is crap you know why.

Most of my observations will be based on those made by my fellow healthcare professionals who work around Northenshire and whose thoughts and observations I have paraphrased here as I pride myself on being slightly artistic among the cynical scientists with whom I am forced to work. Their idents will be protected as far as is possible to protect them from the various local Starzis that would not like their Soviet or local Politburo (PCT=Primary Care Trusts) masters’ thoughts and actions to be known to their fellow comrade patients whose health they seek to disrupt in the name of the true God of cheap healthcare called Prudence.

Competing interests declared as per scientific journals:

Only one.

Ensuring good quality health care to the patients for whom we care against the wishes of the Party.

Resistance may be futile but is needed to protect patients from the Party and its organs.

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