Saturday, 20 February 2016

Survey 2.

Surveys are always interesting but whether they are statistically valid is always a good one for if you asked your 20 a day 20 year old smoker if smoking killed they would probably say as some of the team’s contemporaries said 30-40 years ago no.

But then they are not writing this piece and they ignored the surveys from 50 + years earlier called research and as such knew better in the same way that politicians do today. They are now however unable to comment as they are dead in the same way that politicians are always right and will be forgotten or despised.

So we present and hope that those who provided this survey do not mind us using this the results of a 3 question survey of UK GPs the questions being:

1) Has the quality of service that your practice has to deliver to patients changed over the past 12 months?

2) Has the demand for appointments changed over the past 12 months? 

3) How would you describe your current workload within your practice?

Obviously there may be a degree of bias here so click on the map and see what GPs feel in your MP’s parliamentary constituency.

If you can find the area(s) where question 1 and question 2 are answered no and question 3 is answered as completely none existent then you can find where ND Central is and where Jeremy and the popular press thinks most GPs in the UK live and work. 

Good luck. 

Praise be to the Party and for those in search of the perfect Daily Mail and Jeremy Hunt GP practice tally ho and good hunting you now know where to find it – without NHS Choices or NHS dumb, dumb, dumb.

Saturday, 13 February 2016


Before many of the team awoke to go to work many hours before busy working politicians some watched a news channel and saw the results of this survey.

The public are more dissatisfied with the NHS than ever before. Surely not after all the ill informed completely unnecessary (is it now 13?) “reforms” over the past 20 years by political retards the public should be in NHS Nirvana?

Have a look at the poll’s top 3 dissatisfactions and see if you as a politician can see what the public actually want and then ask if you are delivering these? 

1) Takes too long to get a GP or hospital appointment 

2) Not enough NHS staff

3) Government doesn’t spend enough money on the NHS.

So for those posh ministers who went to public schools and will have done geometry the corollary will be to solve the above theorem and square the circle:

If it takes too long to get a GP or hospital appointment you have to invest in more NHS staff to meet demand which means you have to spend more on the NHS to create the staff needed to satisfy demand.


Pure business sense. 

But the NHS is not a business it is socialized medicine and more demand does not generate more money (profit) or staff (in contrast to real world business) especially in general practice that is seen as the relief valve (economically) for expensive hospital treatment.

Praise be to the Party for always listening albeit with permanently deaf ears to the people and giving them exactly what the Party wants in healthcare for them.