Tuesday, 13 October 2009

A few small victories for common sense.

We do not know what has happened locally in our patch in Northernshire as for some reason our surgeries are not full. For the second time in a week we finished early and this on our busiest day of the week a Monday when the something for after the weekend crowd pile in.

So once again on the long cross country stonk home, and it was a good one this evening as there was no other traffic, we caught the full headlines of the 6 o’clock news. There was the story about our glorious leader having to repay a mere £12,000+ back in unjustified expenses and the Home Secretary saying sorry for fiddling, we meant “breaching rules on second home expenses”.

A report into the arrest of the opposition MP Damian Green late last year during an inquiry into parliamentary leaks was deemed “not proportionate” as the leaks were not a security concern.

The children’s secretary is writing to Ofsted saying that inspectors should not interfere with private arrangements for looking after children between friends following the ridiculous case of 2 job sharing female police officers looking after each others children being told this was illegal.

And this morning we hear that a nurse suspended for breaching confidentiality in exposing neglect for a TV documentary is to have her suspension of registration lifted. Not completely cleared as she has a year’s caution whereas if she had stayed quiet about neglect she would have a completely clear record rather than a caution.

No patients in our surgeries and a huge amount of common sense in less than 24 hours something must be seriously wrong somewhere?

Praise be to the Party as it is not often that we hear a lot of good news in a such a short period of time. A few small victories for common sense does go some way to restoring our belief in some form of natural justice. And makes the drive home and to work a little more enjoyable as well as the nights draw in we arrived home with some daylight to spare.

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