Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ooops? Has he done it again?

We are not that bright here up North especially as we are sitting drinking on a park bench in the sunshine but we read a little piece in this weeks BMJ 20/03/10 pg 616 entitled “European court rules minimum cigarette prices illegal.” (Sorry link only provides 150 words of full article).

It starts with the sentence:

It is illegal for European governments to impose minimum retail prices on cigarettes as a deterrent against smoking.”

Another sentence then says:

However, the Luxembourg based judges confirmed it is quite legitimate to impose heavy taxes on tobacco products to discourage consumption.”

We are sure that both Sir Liam, the out going now time expired Chief Medical Officer, and the Scottish legislature are thinking of a minimum price per unit of alcohol?

Does this mean they cannot as this is "uncompetitive"?

Of course the summary of the ruling means that increased taxation is still an option but then that might increase inflation and inflame the already miserable people. It is, however, still a legal option.

Praise be to the Party the creators of the free market especially in healthcare and to Sir Liam for his Party approved protectionism.

Confused anyone? Must have another bottle of cider while it is still cheap . . .

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