Friday, 16 April 2010

Something’s missing . . . up North.

Today is a lovely Spring day here in Northernshire. One of the Practice’s traditions is that whenever possible on a Friday we usually try and slip in a Resistance meeting with some of our doctors and students in training at a pub in the countryside. These are referred to as educational meetings.

It has been a while since we have been able to have one and for the first time this year we sat outside. In the lee of a northerly wind it was pleasantly warm in the sunshine. Several people made a point that something was missing and that the birds were singing louder than usual.

Was this is collective hallucination or were our feathered friend now using amplifiers to compete with the background noise? A chance glance upwards revealed why this might be so.

There were no vapour trails in the sky. None whatsoever. We blogged earlier this year about how many aircraft pass over our manor every few minutes and as they do so they emit a low level drone of jet engine noise in the background which we learnt to ignore years ago.

Today there was none and so our feathered friends sounded louder.

Praise be to the Party for inventing the volcano. A clear case of the law of unintended consequances.

But how long will this state of play last and what effect might it have on Partners who are on holiday abroad at present but need to be back at work next week? The twitchers among our number were not complaining today but come next week . . . who knows?

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