Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A drive home and some thoughts.

This evening one of the team had the “pleasure” to do one of our, and our staff’s, beloved extra Brown ones.

These are those extra surgeries that a former unelected leader of this country thought that his people needed because they couldn’t get to see their family doctors as they were too busy working.

These have not been popular with most GPs as for starters it meant extra hours for no extra pay and we have some of the longest working weeks to start with. It has not been popular with GPs’ staff particularly those with families as it disrupts their days and weekends. They certainly haven’t been used by many commuters up North for most of those who attend are pensioners followed by children.

So once again as we drove home from one of these extra commuter friendly surgeries, where we had seen the usual pensioners hot off the 19.00 train from Kings Cross, and the work weary toddlers back from Amsterdam on the 18.50hrs flight to our local airport, we thought.

Our main thought, as we drove our state funded Farrari at 200 mph, sorry officer it was only 60mph, along the high deserted moorland lanes of Northernshire, was what is the former “Great Leader” doing now?

Actually our main thought was that was of avoiding the pigeons. For pigeons in these parts are grey and so is the tarmac.

Once most of the workers are tucked up at home watching the evening soaps after their working day which runs from 09.00-17.00hrs the local pigeons descend for an evening feast of discarded McDonald’s meals chucked from cars during the day.

Pigeons avoid the roads during the working day but outside of it they lurk on the roads almost invisibly until disturbed by the odd passing GP after an extra Brown one.

The sight of a large pigeon struggling to clear the top of the car is not pleasant and this often happens more than once on early morning or evening drives home. Some of the local McDonald's fed pigeons are overweight and could put a big dent in the bodywork so thay are best avoided if at all possible given their stealth camouflage.

We digress somewhat for we were wondering what the “Great Leader” was doing now? A normally good source of information is the political blog Guido Fawkes who seems to have had similar thoughts and you can see how much time the "Great Leader" is spending representing his constituents here.

Worse still tomorrow he will have to suffer a shortened summer break of only 38 days.

We felt good that in the same period we had had 5 days more holiday than the days he attended the House of Commons. It made us feel that we needed the extra Brown ones as we were inspired by his tireless, selfless devotion to his patients, sorry constituents, of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

At least he alone made the idle overpaid GPs earn their money by doing some work, for a change.

Praise be to the Party for giving us men and women who know the people and seek ever to improve the NHS on their behalf. No doubt there will be more such wisdom and hard work for some to come in the near future.

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