Saturday, 13 November 2010

Better late than never?

This morning we watched this item on an otherwise news depleted Saturday morning.

It seems that A&E departments are being misused. Never! Must be those idle GP scum again not the ignorance of the British people. After 60+ years of the NHS someone thinks perhaps people, in this case children, need to be taught how to use it.

Well dudes they have already learnt how to both use and misuse the NHS for however many times you misuse it there is no sanction. They have been well educated by their great grandparents, grandparents and parents on how to use the NHS for decades.

So if Tarquin Jr. or Chantelle Jr. get ill they ring the GP for an emergency prescription of paracetamol because the kid is disrupting X-factor or Strictly Come Dancing. If their GP is shut, or they are not considered an amergency (case for a paracetamol prescription) by thier own GP or an out of hours call handler, or doctor, they explore the local NHS “market” and try the local Darzi centre or walk in centre but guess what the market does not allow them to use it!

Chuffing hell somemic will be doing Tarquin or Chantelle (seniors’) heads in, they will have got through a pack of fags, cheaper than the Paracetamol they want from the NHS, so they will be well stressed and will ring NHS reDirect and explain their problem and might, big might, be advised to go to a pharmacist and purchase some paracetamol.

Eventually Tarquin or Chantelle (senior)and “will have no (f**king) choice” but to dial 999 “it is an (f**king)emergency” and get conveyed by the free, no questions asked, executive taxi service to an A&E department.

And get some Paracetamol but at what cost?

This process has been going on for decades and to try and address such behaviour as a healthcare worker will result in complaints against anyone who tries it for the non paying, totally unresponsible NHS customer is king.

Even if you misuse your GP enough you can only get booted off the list. And you can still go onto another GP and so on. Misuse the ambulance service and they still have to attend. And so on.

At least now after 60 years our secondary school children will get lessons about the NHS. This will be useful for given the paucity of sex education in secondary education they will probably need to use it when their kids become ill 2 or 3 years after their NHS sexless education lessons.

Praise be to the Party who no doubt will be preparing lesson plans for a few years time about the fact that smoking is harmful to health some 50+ years too late. Talk about slamming the stable door shut when the horse has bolted all over the UK and is still running unchecked 24/7.

At least the stable door will now be finally shut. Isn’t UK education wonderful?


Anonymous said...

You sound like a snob. Why don't you go work in Surrey?

drphilyerboots said...

When I worked in Australia, the "Ambo" service would hand a bill to those who used the service for non emergencies, they had to be real abuses. I don't think that many of these bills were paid, if any, but it was worth ding to see their faces.

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