Sunday, 20 February 2011

Grand Daddy’s back?

The team extend their thanks to Jobbing Doctor who has drawn our attention to the return(?) of the Grand Daddy of medical bloggers (as far are we are concerned) a certain Dr Rant.

Much respect and welcome back.

We hope that this will not be a mere flash in the pan but a return at an all ahead at full steam return to posting for the blogger who inspired the team at ND Central to put fingers to keyboards and start blogging.

His, or her, initial post makes us realize that we are not the only ones hoping for a cull of “PCT vermin” the at best bottom third of the English educational system that has so successfully mismanage the local health service via the MHS (Management Health Service) a 100% growth industry over the last 10 years in bureaucracy that delivers bugger all in healthcare.

As some of our American cousins would say, Dr Rant go get some!

There is no Praise be to the Party on this one for this is the antithesis of the Party.