Tuesday, 3 May 2011

We now earn £ 600,000 plus a bit of sense for a change.

Well we idle over paid GPs have had another sun drenched 4 days off work in the form of a Royal Wedding Bank holiday and a May Day Bank holiday (comrades) in contrast to all those hard working PCT managers who felt that we should not have the same as they are entitled to. This gave the team the chance to do some reading of everyones favourite GP bashing newspaper The Mail on Sunday (MoS).

Now how could anyone ignore this headline that your “average” (sarcasm) family GP is on £ 665,000 a year for doing bugger all?

This is up a massive £ 165,000 in just a year according to the MoS yet only a year earlier they were earning on “average” £ 380,000 a year and getting £ 200 an hour for work they used to do for free!

So in less than 2 years your “average” GP has seen their income rise from £ 380,000 in December 2009 to a massive £ 665,000 now. No wonder new medical graduates sleep rough in our car park and pester us as we walk from our Ferraris as our staff hold umbrellas above our heads to shade us from the sun as we are carried in our sedan chairs into our large offices to await the great unwashed unwell who frequent our humble abodes and pay us so much to do so little.

Who would not beg to be a GP Registrar if you knew that according to the Mail on Sunday your income would increase by just under £ 16,000 a month, month on month in just 18 months? No wonder the government of hypocrites sees fit to relieve of us about 70% of every illgotten tax pound we earn. Digusting it shouldn’t be allowed.

But a more in depth trawl of the MoS publication led us to find this little gem.

Now if you have been reading UK medico-political blogs over the last 3 years this is nothing new but this little gem that should be shining out much more brightly was hidden in the Review section of the MoS. Reviews are normally about about opera, theatre and the finer things in life for some who read what are popularly known as the broadsheets. Regular readers of the Stoat Tickler's Gazette, our favourite rural read here at ND Cnetral, can't even spell review.

On the day before the death of Osama Bin Laden is reported the MoS has finally realized that there are people in the UK who have done more to terrorize the frail and vulnerable in our society than any terrorist or maverick GP has.

Terrorists usually target the fit and healthy. NHS managers get to target the opposite and it is these people who need the NHS the most and are most frequently let down by NHS managers. We call this institionalized incompetence and the 2 individuals in the MoS articles are masters of it and if the article is to be believed totally unapologetic in one case.

Now Bin Laden is no longer the world’s most wanted person, that title will undoubtably pass to the man, or the woman, who got the head shot, will the UK’s government turn its attention to those mass murderers who continue in the NHS?

Probably not for if every hospital is to become an NHS Foundation Trust the Party will need more of them.

Praise be to the Party for rewarding incompetence with promotion. For if a NHS manager screws up they are moved sideways into a new career.

Shipman did the honourable thing, Bin Laden was taken out and what will Nicholson et al do? They will just carry on and kill create more Foundatin Trusts as per Party orders and get away with it for NHS managers are never wrong and there is no GMC for NHS managers.

Only promotions and honours.