Sunday, 18 December 2011

NHS Global™ goes globally nowhere.

Blogging is quite a good way of recording ones thoughts at a particular time and sometimes when you read something you wrote a while ago it shows that sometimes we have a healthy degree of cynacism here at ND Central.

We wrote a piece in April 2010 and poured a lot of scorn on the idea then and a piece in the Pulse magazine has revealed that the net income earned by NHS Global is a massive zero. In fact it will have made a net loss to date after all the expentiture to generate nothing.

We particularly like the bit in Pulse where a former big man in the NHS, none other than the former director general of commissioning at the Department of Health Mark Bittnell, was predicting last month that NHS Global would deliver £ 50 billion for the NHS. Good start then thus far and we all know how much income commissioning has generated cost the NHS. No wonder the world is queuing up to buy NHS ideas and innovation.

Praise be to the Party for yet another good idea to generate income that has cost us all.

What will they think of next?