Saturday, 22 September 2012

Murkeet musings # 3.

The political workings of the NHS never stay still for long which causes the image makers here at ND Central extra work hence a new furry figure "head" at the top of our NHS murkeet musings one of Andrew's little friends.

What follows is a little bit about how the NHS retardocracy is working under the current NHS Tripartite "murkeet" system. It has been gleaned from conversations we have had with those who are engaging in the dark arts of GP commissioning over the last few years.

The first of our newfound facts is that each PCT in meant to make a 2% reduction year on year on expenditure. No doubt through efficiency "gains", not savings comrades, or "surpluses" for that is the new Party speak. No balancing the budget here comrades we must make a "surplus" each year perhaps akin to a "profit" in the private sector?

What has come to our attention is the fact that one of the biggest efficiency "gains" is to be achieved by the fact that the cost paid by the NHS centrally dictated tariff system is being reduced centrally by the all loving all caring Party, year on year in certain areas. Not only do the prices change but so do the names of procedures so try finding a hip replacement on this year's tariff.

In the NHS tariff 2007-8 using the find facility in Excel we came across Primary Hip Replacement Cemented and Uncemented by typing hip. Could we find this in the 2011-12? No.

Could a hip replacement now be a Major Hip Procedure  for non trauma category 2 with major CC? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere here on slide 6 and a little twiddle of your mouse wheel may be required to reveal the whole answer. If you have problems sleeping or are sad and lonely we suggest you read the whole document.

Now we are not suggesting that a centrally controlled fixed price market for all services is in anyway anti free market or anti competition or even remotely similar to a Soviet market system, nay dear reader, thrice nay but surely it must be that that all of these savings/gains/surpluses are all derived from the Tripartite new health care markets built in efficiency via competition and the internal market system?

A monopoly perhaps in a free market or a Soviet state controlled murkeet, in a free market or are we just thick up North?

So inflation goes up, oil prices go up and NHS payment by results prices go down year on year? Classic supply and demand graph stuff from sixth form economics or state monopoly manipulation of the NHS murkeet?
Now while the Party feels an investigation is required into why petrol prices don't go down, of course tax will not be an issue here, there is to be no formal investigation into NHS murkeet logic. Should there not be an inquiry in to the fact that NHS prices are going down despite increasing inflation?
What a shambles.
Praise be to the Party for allowing us all in healthcare to bask in a wealth of efficiency gains through the Tripartite health policies that we all as patients see daily. If centrally dictated costs are going down year on year and the budget is fixed we should be able to do more year on year?

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