Wednesday, 2 April 2014 oops the Party did it again. It sounds like a fluffy high tech Party cuddle hug by the NHS of its patients (aaah) until you dissect it in a bit of detail. It is nothing more than shameless exploitation and shafting of your average patients’ and their GPs’ and hospitals’ (personal) medical records for private gain.

Now you can read the Party’s propaganda here and you may also have listened to a Radio 4 item recently saying that only a third of people they surveyed had had a leaflet re in January. At ND Central the figure is much, much, much lower but then all those who live up North are thick and will have missed any leaflet as they were busy eating their fish and chips and mushy peas out of it.

Having said that for some reason the number of patients asking to be excluded from is far greater than those who asked to be excluded from the Party’s Summary Care Record. Perhaps a reflection of the public’s ethos that the NHS is not there for private gain? 

You have to be careful here for if you opt out from it does NOT mean that your personal medical records will be immune from being accessed by over a million NHS Smart card users without your consent. Indeed certain suppliers of NHS GP software on their Party peddled wears advertise the fact that your patient, has given their implied consent to their medical records being uploaded to the Summary Care Record (SCR).

Not that there is any true NHS Choice here as this information is hidden from any patient looking at the standard GP screen, comrades, and the patient will not have been asked about this issue at any point by a politician or an NHS administrator or their GP. 2 out of the later 3 occupations have had plenty of time to do so but have chosen not to do so.

This means that if you opt out from cuddled the Party has another bite at your records via the Summary Care Record which you have to opt out from separately if you choose to do so. If you don’t your data is there for any data miner the Party allows (to pay for) your data to be accessed using a red, amber and green system of how identifiable you are to the purchaser.


As someone put it a few years ago, “I have been with this doctors since the NHS began and my family trust you far more than the politicians to keep our records confidential”. But if the Party does not tell anyone they can acquire all your data by stealth that is of course all right?

There have been a few bits of note re the cuddly fluff that is in the news recently.

Certain GPs of principle have quite rightly decided to opt their patients out using the GMC (Party organ) principles of informed patient consent (something the Party does not believe in nor does its organ) which the Party has conveniently and ultimately overruled using the Health and Social Care Act 2011.

By then NHS England, decided that their bully boy (or girl other genders are available if preferred) tactics were a “misunderstanding”. This is akin to the SA/SS going back after kristallnacht and saying please Sir can we have our balls back it was all a terrible isunderstanding . . .

Further the NHS’ elite remedials who have blown billions on an IT system that has not yet put a single Summary Care Record on the moon let alone on a nationally accessible NHS database have said that they are suspending for a few months in order to “build understand” of (its) benefits.

That really shows the level of ability of NHS managers. Come up with an idea, spend billions on its failure and then go back to better understand the millions they have wasted on it most recently.

Bit like saying we will build a plane and put no wings on it and then wonder why it does not fl? But these morons do this every day and get paid more than nurses and some GPs to do so. Think of the scene from Plant of the Apes (1968) where Charlton Heston makes a paper plane and it flies. The person who crushes the paper plane represents the ability of those in charge of NHS IT. Why fly when you can crawl like a slug? Anyone used C&B today?

Praise be to the Party for creating NHS England and a national repository of uselessness for all those in the bottom third of your average Northernshire comprehensive school who would be unemployed if they had to work rather than something else beginning with w and ending in king for a living.

Unbelievably useless but highly paid uselessness with no principles.




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