Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Care.data oops the Party does it one more time.

A while back we posted on the failure of care.data. the Party’s give away of your personal health data to the private sector for a small consideration and how they were having second thoughts. Well look who has come up with this idea following the complete shambles earlier. 

Can you guess who dear reader? Go on have a go no-one other than the morons who got it wrong in the first place with their mailshot that for many did not happen.

So who are they are tasking to correct their cock up? An elite team of highly trained senior NHS managers who can write patients’ addresses onto envelopes, fold a letter up and put it into an envelope, seal the envelope, put a stamp on it and then find a red post box into which to put the envelope so that it will be transported on a magic carpet to tell all the millions of patients they forgot to tell last time? Well that will be enough for a whole day’s work but just for completeness they will have to do this for every patient in the UK.

Of course not there are few in NHS senior management that are that bright so they have decided to delegate it to those with far less to do than they have.

And who are those sitting around doing less than NHS managers all day? None other than GPs and their staff. Now would you rather that GPs and their staff spent their time seeing and treating patients or that they and their staff do what NHS managers would struggle to achieve on their own?

Remember dear reader that those who embark on career in NHS management are at best in the bottom third of your average Northernshire comprehensive school and our sorties into the Dark Lord’s realm make us doubt they could reach even this level of ability.

As care.data and this latest twist in the story shows.

Praise be to the Party for coming up with an idea that undermines one of the central principles of medical practice that of confidentiality and asking GPs to pimp their patients’ data for the Party’s profit.

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