Saturday, 14 February 2015

CQC watch – a how to from dummies.

This week it was announced that one of the nation’s repositories for morons has published guidance on the use of covert surveillance.

Now given that in order to work for CQC the only qualification you need is to be a failure as its first head was (like the former head of the NHS she could not count due to a lack of fingers to 1500 deaths at North Staffs and therefore does quality) the thought of such an organization even understanding how cameras work let alone the word covert fills us with dread given what they are really interested in. 

It also beggers the question of how well they are actually doing their job. 

Still if you create a set of beaurocratic rules then if someone gives you some video that does not meet your rules then you only have to do what you have done for all of your working life.

Nothing useful.

Praise be to the Party for once again creating jobs for morons and failures. If they were actually doing the jobs the Party has created for them properly why would any patient’s relatives need cameras let alone guidance from failures on how to use them?

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