Tuesday, 5 May 2015

‘twas the night before Christmas sorry an election.

Regular readers of our humble blog will have noticed a slight deficiet in our posts of late. Some may have attributed this to a group of highly dedicated GPs being out on the election campaign trail that is gripping (not) the UK at present. Instead it is down to the relentless grind of socialized medicine that all political Parties are promising more of.

The its an EMERGENCY = 6 months of chronic gut ache due to eating crisps as a stable diet, he/she is not eating anything and has lost weight but is 2 stone heavier than when last seen 6 weeks ago, I booked this appointment a week ago and am better now but I thought I would come just in case . . . and so on this is at present UK general practice. Here are a few more examples.

And all have to be seen straight away. Demand is currently inversely proportional to illness and is increasing.

So tomorrow we have an election and a potential change of government.

Oh joy.

Praise be to the Party for general elections a chance for the UK population as a whole to decide who they wish to govern them. This year it is a case of not who is best to govern us but a case of who is the least worse to do so and what is in it for me them.

And for those in healthcare at whatever level once the Parties have finished celebrating bickering the result will be that all in healthcare will have a hangover headache that will last far longer than any politicians’ post election booze fuelled headaches as they start meddling again.

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