Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Well boss how me do with dem consultants?

Well you have to admire the man without a clue and the smile of an idiot for within days of announcing his New Deal for GPs he has decided to tell NHS consultants how to suck eggs.

Now needless to say a few of those who did go to a medical school have pointed out a few more holes in Jeremy’s continuing saga of holes. So for consultants and doctors not working weekends we share this little hole and a letter written on the Twitter site which shows the extent of consultant weekend idleness in the UK at present (and other part time staff too). 

In amongst these idle non working doctors that Jeremy and his friend have never met for they don’t do weekends, will be those who are now senior consultants who have worked 100+ hours a week without any uninterrupted sleep, did weeks of 1 in 1s = in today’s speak of on call 24/7 and weeks of 1 in 2 = full working days with every other night on call and will still be working weekends. Weekends then were even easier than now you just worked from 08.00 on Friday to 18.00 Monday sometimes with little if any sleep.

But looky here folks while a group of typical idle GPs were discussing golf balls and which club to use for the next hole someone noticed this.

When the article was read it had been published 4 hours earlier and it said 80,000 signatures on the first day. When we looked at the petition website, while resting between holes as all GPs do, it was over 100,000 signatures and rising. 

So we can imagine a conversation like this going on somewhere:

Well boss how me do with de consultants’ speech? 
Shut up DiNozzo. 

Praise be to the Party for ensuring when it comes to health they always put someone without a clue as to what is happening on the ground in charge. Enjoy your holiday Mr. Hunt.

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