Saturday, 15 October 2016

Now the Muppets really have taken Manhatten.

You have to admire a Royal College that lacks both ability, leadership and academic kudos for just look at this august body’s (corpse’s) latest wizzo wheeze. A College without a clue has produced “A wellbeing pack”. 
An initiative directed at GP trainee members of the college (sorry RCGP should that be “registrars” in your Chair of Associates in Training Committee’s quote in the article?), all of whom are bright enough to see through Royal College sh*te or chaff(ing) crap called reflection, e-retardfolios and probably are bright enough to realize that chocolate coins, teabags et al are mere baubles, beads and trinkets that are once again there to convince the muppets in charge that they know best (or more accurately know nothing). 
You have to admire a bunch of appeaseniks who have screwed up medical training for years for having come up with this outstanding idea for only they could think that teabags, a chocolate coin and a reflective colouring book would bring an end to the problems in general practice at present. 
The idea of a “gratitude journal” is beyond measure for it will probably be shorter than other such masterpieces read by those on high and in charge in their formative years such as One Exciting Thing to do in Inverness on a Dull Rainy Winter Solstice Day.
We suspect the only thing most frontline GPs will put in their “gratitude journal” is the weekends, holidays, time off sick and retirement as the shortage of GPs struggles to cope with an increasingly aggressive demand for urgent appointments for trivia which cannot be met at present.
Still as someone once said every little bit helps.
Yeah, right.
Praise be to the Party for giving us the RCGP whose contribution to educating and supporting GPs is beyond measure in their own humble retarded opinion. Ideas like this would have ended the Second World War long before those slightly brighter at Bletchley Park solved the Enigma code.