Sunday, 28 September 2008

(Dr) Neil Bacon and - the next stage?

Fellow resistance fighters (and bloggers) a lot has been written by you on this subject and I feel that the time has come for the worms to turn.

I do not know if this idea has been posted before but I am proposing that someone sets up a website and invite NHS managers to post their best cost saving ideas and rate themselves in their cost saving effectiveness.

This would enable the public to be protected from incompetent management as the greater the healthcare savings reported by the managers who would be self reporting, self auditing and unaccountable as they are in real life the worse the patient care would be.

Furthermore this would provide the Government with an “independent” sample as does Neil Bacon. We can thus Protect Patients and Guide Doctors to the best health care and provide an “unbiased” sample that the Party could use to influence and reform healthcare?

Anyone game for a laugh comrades?

If we worked in a democracy it might work.

Praise be to the Party.