Monday, 29 September 2008

NHS Shortage of Cash?

Watched Alistair Darling the other day saying that they have pumped £100 billion into the banking system.

The NHS is forecast to have a £1 billion surplus.

And we still cannot fund basic healthcare.

Cancer suffers are denied drugs that given the sums involved would cost peanuts.

Prop up a Bank aka a Government (to prevent it failing or is that falling?) but remember to shaft the people paying to prop up the Bank.

They are called voters known to us as patients.

Praise be to the Party and its managers for they are omnipotent and all caring (for themselves?).


madsadgirl said...

You can't help thinking that too many people have got their priorities wrong. After all, I pay taxes to fund the NHS, bot to bail out banks.

Deb Acle said...

Surplus of £1billion??

Well, the managers have to get their bonuses from somewhere, haven't they?

The NHS may be 'saving' £1billion BUT at the expense of decent treatment for many patients.

This has the knock-on and exponential effect of shunting the costs onto other services and family members. And probably at a higher rate and for longer because there are things that only the NHS can do.

Social Services, for example, can't provide cancer drugs or kidney treatment or psychotherapy. But they can send in expensive 'care' workers to commiserate with patients who are being scandalously failed by the NHS.

And when patients die of neglect, they can send in 'care' workers to help family members grieve and try and get over the post-traumatic stress they've developed as a result of watching their loved ones die needlessly at the murderous hands of the beancounters that run every NHS department.

The Dept of Work and Pensions can pay huge amounts on Incapacity Benefits to patients who go without treatment, and then Disability Living Allowance because their conditions have been so neglected.

And so on.

Jointly and severally liable, no murderous Labour politician will ever get my vote again.

Do none of these short planks realise this?