Sunday, 14 December 2008

So Gord has saved the World did he in doing so forget the NHS?

So Gord the Holy made a fluff of his lines when he claimed to have saved the world by spending billions of tax payers money on propping up a banking system that had failed while on his watch as Chancellor and more latterly as Prime Minister.

Does anyone recall the famous phrase used by Gord’s friend Tony about 11 and half years ago the famous you have “24 hours to save the NHS”?

Anyone else see the similarities between the two scenarios? Both the NHS and banking system have been set up by or supervised in the recent past by the current ruling Party and its organs. Both have required billions of extra funding paid for by the taxpayer in order to keep them going and possibly to improve them?

I cannot answer the question as to whether this money has been used efficiently and improved things but I am sure 60 million of the British public will have their view as to whether this money has been well spent as they will be paying for it for years to come regardless of which party is in power.

So Gord has saved the World but seems to have forgotten the NHS. He has “saved” the world in weeks but what has he, and his Party, done in the past 11.5 years to the NHS?

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