Monday, 28 September 2009

Strange things a happening in the Ether perchance?

Following our last post we thought we would drop it into conversation with a friend who being on the net in disbelief looked up the website and found a “new” map!

Strange things are a foot as if you go there , but don't look in to his eyes for too long, Newcastle, Hull and Norwich are now on dry land which they were not previously. Leeds Manchester and Carlisle have also mysteriously changed their positions.

That was yesterday afternoon and evening but this morning the map has changed back to the one we reported on in our last post?! (We think we are not seeing things but who knows what they put in the water up North).

Click on the image “to morph your photo” it still does not work ‘though so our faith in Party IT is still not completely shaken.

Dr Grumble seems to be having his own problems with the ether that is Cyperspace as have we and we think at least one other blogger in the recent past may have had the same problems as well. A conspiracy or just chance events? Stop whispering.

The local IT idiots are now after 5 years starting to believe what we are telling them that our snail like system is slow. Why are people starting to believe us they told us there was nothing wrong and it was all in our heads?

Praise be to the Party but they are busy at present.

If we were paranoid (who said that?), and we don’t (or do we?) think we are, would not a DOS (denial of service) attack at the same time as a major medical announcement at a political Party conference be a good idea?

Must take more of the chlorpromazine but at least Newcastle, Hull and Norwich are now dry (or are they?). We think they were or was it our therapist who told us? Is he or was she a member of the KGB . . .

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