Monday, 24 January 2011

The top down noose gets ever tighter.

One of the team saw this little gem on the web this morning. Quite frightening if true for it means that GPs will no longer be able to resist the will of the new Party for they will have to obey its new set of organs the consortia.

Fine if you have enlightened forward thinking intelligent GPs in charge but if your consortia GPs are at best a quarter of a century out of date being led by PCTs who don’t even know the Berlin Wall has come down where does that leave the individual GP? Can you see the GMC being lenient on a GP who cocks up and uses the “I was only following consortia orders” excuse? Didn’t work that well at Nuremberg did it?

Praise be the Party for liberating GPs and the NHS from top down reorganization and Big Government. Things can only get better?