Monday, 13 June 2011

Independent media and “independent” reviews.

After the reveille bugle had sound this morning, one of the team’s early birds tuned into the ITV 05.30hrs morning news bulletin where the headline was that of the publication of an “independent” review (? by government stooges) to be published later today.

The BBC news at 06.00 we are fairly sure, but are prepared to be corrected if wrong, mentioned also a review but not an independent one. Surely a small reporting error we thought after some discussion. However the BBC one o’clock news also reported “an independent review”.

We would say we were waiting with baited breath to see how many seconds or minutes of a degree the “independent” navigators of the current SS NHS Titanic of reform for the better recommend that its course be changed.

Praise be to the Party for more unnecessary reform but at least this time it will have been “independently” scurtinized at least by the media.


Eliza said...

I've totally lost the plot with the reform proposals, I've no idea what's going on, but I'm sure I'll find out soon! Those that work in the NHS are always last to hear the "Truth"

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