Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Many a true word spoken in jest . . .

Last week while one of the team was acting as officier of the day and patrolling the practice perimeters all right then signing a few prescriptions they overheard a conversation between some of the reception staff. One of them had managed to get some tickets to see the now middle aged boy band Take That in concert and was clearly loving the attention of and jealousy of her co-workers who would have given their right arms for such tickets.

Now, given the ages of the staff, who would have been pre teens and teenagers when the Osmonds were the hot ticket in town, age had not mellowed their adulation of their rock gods or their individual lusts after their favourate band members. They were no longer pre teens and were mostly mothers with teenage kids and the team member, one the minority sex at ND Central, knew that when these staff members went out socially there was usually a large amount of fermented fruit juices consumed.

The team member made an off the cuff remark that the local Police must be dreading the coming of a Take That concert to their patch for dealing with a football riot would be easier than policing a load of hormonally challenged, booze sozzled middle aged ladies lusting over a boy band only a few years younger than themselves. This did not go down too well with the boy band droolers who quickly oppressed the minority and told them to get back to work. Some of us know our place at ND Central and did just that.

We did not think much of it until someone told us about a news item on this morning’s news bulletin. Can you guess what it might have been about?

Have a look here if you can’t.

Praise be to the Party for hell hath no fury worse than . . .

a drunken group of Northernshire women lusting after that which they can never have. Don’t try stopping them . . . ever!
You have been warned!


Single Female Doc said...

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Northern Doc said...

Thank you for reading and commenting. We too like spoof news websites and fast things automotive!

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