Wednesday, 23 November 2011

C-sections and NICE twaddle.

Like all GPs in the UK the team at ND Central own Ferraris and commute along Northernshire’s high moorland roads and through its forests from their baronial mansion houses daily to serve their patients. During this arduous chore a few of us listen to the radio. Several of the team this morning heard an interview on the BBC’s radio Four news which can best be summed up as like watching a couple of pensioners trying to emulate a world championship heavy weight boxing contest.

The link to this is here and it illustrates what our fellow GP blogger said in their piece here.

We don’t know how long the link will last so here is the moron’s take on it. The interview is very long (10.21 minutes) by UK media standards and the twaddle is produced by a Dr Gillian Leng NICE’s deputy chief executive who has loads of obstetric experience if you read here and who says:

“We think that the rate of Caesarean section is likely to decline as a consequence.”

Really? A few choice grunt words came to mind as we heard this pontification for over the years of doing medicine we have heard repeatedly from our colleagues in midwifery over and over again that there has been an increased demand for Caesarian sections that are medically unnecessary.

This is akin to NICE recommended compulsory castration to prevent testicular cancer, the removal of all skin defects to prevent melanoma, and the removal of all subcutaneous fat to prevent obesity. All medically unnecessary, but available, treatments if you so wanted.

Unfortunately we suspect that NICE is doing what it is paid to do to review “alleged” evidence and pander to the politicians to justify their interference in matters medical.

Of course those NICE people do not understand the NHS “meerkat” of NICE cuddly toys held up by politicians to tempt patients, sorry punters their way. Who could resist a NICE cuddly “meerkat” when it is always free when know your NICE rights?

If you were too posh to push and you used to have to pay for it and your local supermarket now gives it away for free where do you think the stampede would be that would crush you?

If the NHS offered euthanasia (or any other medical treatment) for free that is not currently available we bet you that the euthanasia rate (or other treatment) would go up, not down, regardless of need.

Anyone fancy a bet on whether C-section rates will go up or down? After all a NICE lady doctor has told you what will happen and we bet you trust all that is NICE?

Don’t you?

Praise be to the Party and its all wise idiots at NICE who have already increased obstetric costs in a time of increased poverty of resources but for what medical gain? We look forward to next year's drop in the C-section rate and to our trouserring a few pounds from our friends at the local bookies.


pj said...

What is the mechanism for this decline exactly? Who is going to decide that they don't actually want that c-section that they were previously intending to have (and which they apparently have medical need for under the current system)?

Maybe it is all these people with birth 'anxiety' who mental health services are now going to cure using their non-existent techniques for such things and their profusion of resources. Because they're going to be really easy to persuade to have a vaginal birth when they basically don't have to and don't want to.

Jenny Woolf said...

Definitely rather surprised that Dr. L. doesn't appear to have much in the way of practical experience of medicine, from the looks of it. I think NICE job descriptions should require at least 20 years of dealing with real life.