Monday, 14 November 2011

You cannot be serious?

Our friends at Pulse have provided a little gem as to how little use some bits of NHS management are. You can read what we believe is the original document here.

Now for those of us who work in real medicine this will not be an issue. If you are off for less than seven days any patient who wants a sick note for such a period will not get one. They will be told about self certification whatever their little F├╝hrur of a manager (NHS or otherwise) says.

If you take strike action that is your NHS Choice and you should accept the consequences. We would not expect our taxes as GPs and the tax paid by our staff to subsidize your withdrawal of labour. If your employer wants to argue the toss let them do so at an employment tribunal but please do not waste your GPs’ time at their behest.

We really do wonder what some NHS managers do with their time but if anyone is looking for some quick NHS efficiency savings we have a pretty good idea where to find some.

But lo as GP entrepreneurs we see a little glint of goodness in amongst these dark tidings of NHS management woe for cash strapped practices.

Read note 2 on page 1 of the original document. We will be happy to provide such certificates to any reasonable employer at say £ 100 a shot?

Game on anyone? Let the specialist commissioning of such a service commence should be ready to roll by Christmas 2027.

Praise be to the Party for ensuring that all comrade workers can have their cake and eat it possibly at everyone elses’ expense? They cannot be serious, can they?

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