Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Laughing all the way to the bank.

One of the greatest successes of the Blair/Brown administration was the ending of NHS dentistry and the preparation of the NHS for privatization. An article in the Daily Telegraph and on the early morning BBC news shows a report showing what a success their policy has been.

Now we are sure most dentists are honourable professionals who do their best for their patients teeth and forgo personal profit but we all know if you are paid to operate surgeons will operate whether the operation is medically (or dentally) necessary or not.

One of our attached medical students a good few years ago said that in their country obstetricians said that babes born by Caesarian section were more intelligent. They went on to explain that there were few trained midwifes in their country and so rather than attend a long labour the obstetricians prefer to do an operation because it was quicker and they earned more.

Needless to say this young doctor to be thought the NHS was a much better system because patients weren't being ripped off.

Of course we are also sure that no patient registered with a non NHS dentist will be forced to pay a monthly health insurance to remain registered for we know that if we charged our patients a £ 100 a year just to be registered, less than a TV license or a gym membership fee, we would earn more per year than we do by working full time. Any additional work like seeing patients for an additional fee would greatly increase our earnings towards dentist levels. If it works so well for dental care why not extend it from general dental practice to general practice?

But do not think as GP patients you do not get completely unnecessary treatment from your GP as well. They are called the annual QOF "checks" that diabetic, asthmatics and other Party defined disease sufferers get called in for. The only difference is that in contrast to a dentist doing work that will cost you the only thing you will lose for medically unnecessary work is your time.

Praise be to the Party for its continued commitment to make the NHS ever better. They are doing so well especially in the leader of the pack NHS dentistry. Well done lads and lasses and keep smiling or more likely laughing :)).

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