Saturday, 26 May 2012

Morphing and recycling.

A little piece of interest crossed our sights yesterday afternoon while once again playing golf in Northernshire and here is a link to it. You can see all of the full Party spin in all its glory here. The Party have published a list of all the new (GP led, allegedly) clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and how many bungs sorry how much funding they will each get.

Remember the Party's great leader's commitment to reduce NHS bureaucracy? We are sure that you will all marvel at the fact that 152 PCTs are to be replaced by no less than 212 CCGs which no doubt will employ many times less people to do the same job as PCTs and so more will clearly be less. The Party is indeed great in its infinite wisdom.

If you look at the list that includes the whole of Englandshire you would think that all  of Englandshire has embraced GP commissioning with open arms. Scratch a little deeper and we know there are areas listed that have a named CCG with an allocated budget but where there is no CCG in existence as yet.

Have you also noticed the less than subtle recycling by morphing of NHS nomenclature? Look for your PCT by name and think back. Take our own local Soviet which was once Shiteton Health Authority.

Morph it once and it became via the mighty morphing machine that is Westminster:

Shiteton Primary Care groups (s).

Morph one more time and you have:

Shiteton PCT.

Another trip through the mighty morphing machine and Shiteton PCT becomes:

NHS Shiteton.

Change the Party and morph one more time and you now have:

NHS Shiteton CCG.

The sad thing is that all this morphing has not improved things it has only consumed time, money and effort to recycle the same individuals into the same jobs with different names in the same organization with ever changing names. Now we are thick up North but recycling bureaucracy time and time again does nothing to improve healthcare for the better.

La plus ca change la plus la meme chose?

Praise be to the Party for its continued commitment to recycling and morphing the same bureaucracy over and over again for no useful healthcare change or gain. It makes such good sense. So until the next great morph whenever that maybe we just carry on with the day job. Next!

Morph or patient? Which will come sooner?

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