Monday, 13 August 2012

Deranged dictators, revalidation and timings.

We have touched upon the annual pain in the backside to all doctors that is appraisal and its evil spawn to be foisted upon doctors called revalidation that will never catch a Shipman. Any modern day Shipman will tick all the retarded boxes and will be so nice to their local appraisers for most of those who are doing local appraisals have volunteered in order to create a smoke screen for their own professional inadequacies.

However that is not to be the purpose of "revalidation" and you can read loads more here. In the same way that QOF is neither quality nor outcomes so revalidation is nothing more than another set of tick boxes devoid of quality medicine but which may have a far more sinister purpose.

A trip down south to see a fellow grunt led one of the team to have sight of a letter from their local Soviet regarding revalidation. The letter was boredom and redardocracy personified but the terms used struck a chill in the reader.

For in the same way as the National Commissioning Board (NCB) has morphed in a couple of weeks to become the NHS CB so no one over forty will think that the NCB is a pile of sh*te the letter we had sight of and referring to the GMC's revalidation process had in it the sinister term "year zero".

Are we thick here up North or did not a former despotic dictator in the Far East make reference to the year zero in the 1970s?

Could there now be another despotic dictator who has ideas along similar lines? Such is the power of the new GMC revolution that year zero has been redefined to mean 3 months but then year one is a year.

Praise be to the Party for increasing its control of the professions and for reeducating us as to what a year is or isn't. Will the killing fields of Cambodia be repeated once again with the killing fields of revalidation?

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David Bradley said...

The concept of doctors appraisal has already been there in organizations as doctors are annually appraised for their performance. It’s just that GMC has combined it with revalidation to make it more lawful and organized.