Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Many a true word spoken in jest.

The more artistically inclined here at ND Central noticed this little piece on the BBC website. It is regarding the top 5 jokes at the Edinburgh fringe. The joke that caught our eye was number 4.

Anyone who does home visits as part of their job will have realized this self evident truth years ago for the more deprived a residence you visit the larger the wall mounted TV screen. This was so many decades ago when we started in general practice for we discussed it at our vocational training meetings as trainees (now GP registrars). Its extension is not only the size of the TV screens but also the numbers of TVs in a house which outnumber those who reside there and are never turned off or their volume down during the visit.

Praise be to the Party for ensuring that when it comes to the size of your TV screen seen on a home visit we are all truly equal.

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Can't think of a name said...

Can you clarify what your point is? What do you want them to spend their money on instead? Is it that you think more deprived people should be spending their money instead on evenings in restaurants and trips to the ballet?

£12/week will get you a 47" telly from a well-known high street never-never shop. Or a tenner a week saved up over six months will buy a 32" telly from a high street catalogue store.

What has the party got to do with this? Is this about benefits - do you want to go back to the parish visiting and making sure you sell off all your luxury possessions before you can get benefits? Or maybe you think they should be paid in vouchers?

I'm sorry, doc, but I think you've crossed the line from your usual compassion to classist prejudice.

BTW I don't have a telly but I've just been watching Jeremy Kyle on the computer. I guess that means they should take my benefits off me.

They won't, though, because I went to a public school and have a 'posh' accent and listen to Classic fm, but digital radios are more socially acceptable than digital televisions even if they're brand name ones.