Saturday, 13 October 2012

Greedy GPs and how little NHS managers earn.

The above advert (click on image to enlarge) was found in a waste bin on hostile territory while waiting for a meeting with someone important called an NHS commissar who feels that all should wait at least an hour to see them they are so important hence our accidental discovery.

Have a look at the advert and look at the salaries. These are the people who are part of David Cameron's pledge to abolish NHS administration but are in fact part of the new super uber NHS administration.

Rumour has it that NHS Local Area Teams (LATs) together with Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) are part of an additional 3 layers of NHS redardocracy created under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 all leading to entities that could be privatized at some point by whichever Party of the Tripartite health alliance chooses to do so.

According to this article the average GP earns £ 104,000 and most will be far more qualified than any applicants for the above jobs. If you want more information on GP earnings you can read here. Only the director of insight will earn less than your average GP and remember that 50% of GPs will earn less than a director of open information.

At ND Central only two doctors earn more than those at the bottom of this advert and that is solely due to many more than 20+ years of seniority. Take that away and none of us earn that little but all of us are better qualified and what is more important is that we actually treat patients not bleed their tax dollars dry.

Praise be to the Party for ensuring that the pen pusher who treats not the patient shall be rewarded more than those that do despite being much less qualified.

Anyone know what a director of insight is? We as GPs lack such skills but can see behind the bull.


hyperCRYPTICal said...

ND’s please read this exciting pdf – it is so jolly!

(I want the job - but it appears to have been taken…)

Anonymous said...

My local PCT included last year four of the ten highest paid people in the NHS and all of them were doctors. All four were on over 300,000 and one was on nearly half a million. If you're going to compare high paid directors with doctors, compare them with high paid doctors.
My GP's worth every penny, but the amount the NHS managers get isn't a lot when compared with managers in the private sector.