Saturday, 20 October 2012

The team got a certificate.

Several members of the team recently went to a meeting.

We were told that as part of the Party's institutionalized retardation of healthcare via the likes of QOF, CQC, GMC appraisal, revalidation and other limp organs we had to go to this meeting.

Or else.

Our sexual organs would shrivel and die and we would all become lepers, hunchbacks and outcasts in our communities for we would know nothing if we did not go.

So we went.

We got a certificate but that certificate does not compare with the teams' one maffs CSE certificate or the knowledge actually gained by its one recipient, which is useful to all of us.

The session was about an issue of concern to many who work at ND Central and was about child protection which we have posted many times previously about.

It was a complete waste of time for all the issues were those that we had covered at grunt school and in junior doctor jobs decades ago in the first world and in far more detail than was presented to us as an "update".

The "lessons" namely lack of communication were unchanged. We know that. The managers still do not know these lessons for they single handedly and with a single Party sponsored purpose have made communication regarding child protection more and more difficult and continue to do so.

The "lessons" we have learnt recently from the retards from various retarded institutions like CQC and OFSTED are that there was no communication between professionals. The information was there but was not shared so their recommendations are therefore what?

That computer should talk onto computer in order to facilitate communication and prevent child harm or death. DoH?

You cannot interrogate a computer. You cannot force a computer programmed in one language to share information with another programmed in a language alien to it. The information will sit on individual hard drives in the same way that it sits with the individual Police officers (impossible to access), individual social workers (impossible to access) and many others teachers, hospitals, churches etc. (impossible to access) you care to mention because of data, not child, protection et al and will continue to do so.
Remember protection of animals via legislation predated by 77 years legal protection of children and property be it physical or intellectual still does. Whether a computer talks to another computer will make not one iota of difference other than to a retards' tick box ticked collection.
The issues are still the same. It is the need to talk and share information that is needed and this is currently denied and made increasingly harder especially by recommendations made by morons.
The need to share the information that we already have.
The retards who compile these reports are probably of a similar age to us but will have never programmed a computer, probably never dealt with child protection as they are all "fine" administrators who sit in "fine" offices where the victims of child abuse much less the perpetrators of this abuse would never be allowed in for they would dirty the interior of their "fine" offices.
In their pits of silage working they have realized that communication is the key and it will single handily sort all child protection problems and the war will be over by Christmas by a simple edict from on high about computers.
It is communication between grunts on the ground who can ask questions and draw conclusions not swap files between floppy discs (sorry retarded comrades in NHS computing we meant SSDs). And have any of these fine administrators helped us with this basic need?
No they have made communication more and more difficult but still we have now got a certificate.
If we can be arsed to keep such a worthless certificate in amongst our collection of used toilet paper to show our appraisers this year it might allow us to continue to practise.
This certificate and the alleged "learning" it demonstrates shows that child protection is yet another tick box to be ticked but not sorted. It is completely worthless for none of the lessons we have learnt the hard way were ever mentioned.
Piss in the pants, odd request for repeat prescriptions, someone changing their address, a child not quite right in a surgery or a computer printout meticulously kept but no one noticed repeated injury after repeated injury at A&E in the first 6 weeks of a child's life have all led to abusers being outed over the years and no computer was harmed by us in doing so. In fact most of it was done without computers.
We must be illiterate up North not using computers to do such things.
Praise be to the Party for ensuring that by increasing the number of boxes needed to be ticked the GP on the ground will miss the obvious by doing so.
Keep looking at the computer and if you miss the child you will have merely done all that is asked of you by those in shiny offices and we have a certificate to prove we are up to date.
Until the next baby Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango . . .
And the certificate is completely useless just like the shiny computers in offices that don't talk to each other and it will sit in an appraisal folder gathering dust.

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Anonymous said...

I sit on a committee to do with educational stuff. Ofsted got info from the police and social services that showed I have a history of mental illness so they got my GP to fill in two lovely forms, neither of which asked anything about my competence to sit on a committee.

I now know that I can't have sole charge of children. Well if anyone can persuade any of the little so and so's to stay after school and come to a committee meeting, I'll make sure I'm not last out of the room. There was, of course, a fee for this piece of irrelevant rubbish, which probably doesn't go very far towards mitigating the waste of my GP's time.

However, it does show that where it doesn't matter, social services, the police and Ofsted do communicate with one another even if what they say is twaddle.