Thursday, 1 November 2012

More wisdom from those who think that NHS IT has landed on the moon.

Sometimes you cannot make up what some of the morons involved in NHS IT say. This hugely expensive white elephant has not delivered very much to your average GP and their patients on the ground other than more work for a worse than before "service".

Most people using the ultimate white elephant which moves and delivers at the speed of a decerebrate amoeba in liquid nitrogen yes you've guessed it Choose and Book would happily go back to paper as it was less work, more reliable, gives people a choice and more importantly an appointment. It was also a lot cheaper.

So have a look at the next King Canute of NHS IT's retarded prediction here.

The speaker, a member of the rapidly enlarging and expensive to maintain NCB (National Commissioning Board) which very rapidly mutated to the more official NHS CB to avoid any confusion with a its former useless bureaucratic predecessor which did as little as it will achieve.

So when someone who works for an organization called the NCB tells you that they are "pushing for the end of 2015 to eradicate paper from the NHS" you can bet the smart money will be buying shares in paper manufacturers.

You have heard of the Nicholson challenge to (or) cut NHS funding via efficiency savings, sorry comrades, gains, here is the Northern Doc Challenge to any NHS IT retard who thinks the NHS will be paper free by 2015.

Spend a week in our practice and transfer every NEW patient (only we will spare you the existing ones) record received that week in paper format to an electronic media within a 37.5 hour week using existing technology and ensure it is complete.

In the same week request, receive and transfer every paper record for each of these new patients from each and EVERY hospital they may have ever attended into the same electronic record in the week you spend with us. Remember to check that every piece of data you have "successfully" transferred is correct and arranged in chronological order.

Did we mention you also have to transfer all the electronic data from their previous GPs onto this new record, which is only transferable via a paper printout, which excludes such things as:

discharge letters scanned into the practice electronically held record which may/may not be with the paper printouts?
lab results from each locally held hospital but some will be paper records

All will require you to obtain patient consent for each request, oops, we forgot you have a Smartcard and so do not need that, and remember that all of must be done by the guru single-handedly by himself within a week for each new patient record received.

He refers to a "tsunami of data" which we suspect if you accept this challenge you will feel like you have been hit by a real one but you go on to reveal your true intent by saying you actually want a "tsunami of actionable business intelligence". Is that the same as sellable data for the private sector?

Praise be to the Party of once again allowing the fairies that live in la la land out to play and tell us what not to expect. Where do they get them from?


Julie said...

Good old NHS; putting the SH into IT again..

Julie said...

Good old NHS - putting the SH into IT again..

Julie said...

Whoops - posted twice. I got such a difficult word test that I was fully expecting another one..