Sunday, 10 February 2013

A trip to the doctors.

In Northernshire recently we have been bombarded by a series of strong gales, falling temperatures and snow on the ground causing widespread disruption which when combined creates the wind chill effect which means it is bitterly cold. To use the local term (politely) it is freezing our rocks off and there is more to come.
So one of the team, while on a trip to their own doctors, was amazed to watch the TV screens in the waiting room pumping out Party propaganda supplied via a massive satellite dish mounted on the surgery wall for the masses who were waiting for Party care on relevant health issues at this time of year. The team member was supplied every 3 minutes on the TV screen with information on how to deal with a heat wave.
Praise be to the Party for ensuring that in the same way that we were (probably not) the best prepared country in the world for the great flu Panicdemic our population via its state sponsored TV screens in surgeries will now be the best prepared country in the world to deal with a heat wave.
In January? In the United Kingdom in winter? You cannot make this up.
And people are being paid for this out of our tax pounds? What next how to deal with frostbite in the middle of a flaming (wet) June?


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yeah man di eatwave a come, prepare yuhself like we deh a di DOH.

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