Sunday, 3 February 2013

He just doesn't get it.

On the front page of the new format Pulse magazine is pictured a certain Dr Laurence Buckman who is quoted under the headline: 

"Leader of a defeated profession" 

as saying: 

"Ultimately, the Government holds all the cards." 

Now we know we are all thick oop North, but Dr Buckman can you answer our simple question? Who gave the Government all the cards they are playing with now? 

Do you remember who negotiated the 2004 nGMS contract Dr Buckman? 

Did you ever read the bit whereby the government only had "to consult" before changing the contract before you recommended GPs to vote for it? 

The nGMS contract was not a "contract" it is a get out of jail free card in perpetuity for the Government that you gave to them free of charge. If our thick Northern recollections are correct this was "to cover the flu Panicdemic" and other such "emergencies" like a budget deficit. 

Praise be to the Party for the BMA and its negotiators who for a few cream cakes and  a few teas in Whitehall and the hope of a gong gave the Government all the cards.
Perhaps Dr Zorro would like a starter for one for his new idea?

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Doctor Zorro said...

Unfortunately that,s not looney. Sycophantic, self serving, greedy, cynical, cunning, scheming, venal, uncaring, arse licking, defeatist and stupid yes, but not looney. Think more along the lines of Michael Dixon