Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Staffordshite. Khunte speaks.

So our newish Secretary of State for Health who after a hard night of resistance work at the infamous Café Michelle we christened Khunte kinda has finally spoken on the Francis report but he kinda didn't get it despite having weeks (months) to ham up on it. The UK headlines say that all new nurses should for a year work as health care assistants "to learn to care".

Clearly Khunte has never read the once excellent and much missed militant medical nurse's blog and her comments on the "kids" and nurse staffing levels here and in the land of the free a little point that Khunte has conveniently side stepped in an interview this evening for Channel 4 news by not setting minimum national staffing levels but leaving that to local (for profit) organizations like Staffie. The implication is that the nurses got it wrong not the local Staffie bull terriers (cough Nicholson, Bower et al).

Staffordshire was institutionalized, nationalized failure on a huge scale and but never individual failures seems to be the Party line but you can't blame the System. All three Parties want the NHS to carry on as before hence these token changes.
If Khunte wants to show he cares why does he not lead by example as do such humble people as Popes and wash the feet of a few patients? Perhaps we should extend his year of learning to care to all who work in healthcare from the top to the bottom?
Did Khunte as part of his medical degree have to wipe patient's bottoms, provide and clean bed pans on his first few days at work as a (clinical) medical student before you could learn the art of being a doctor and have your working hours dictated by a ward sister to fill gaps in her depleted work rota as cheap = free labour? 

Or maybe better as it is clear that at present no one is going to get the chop that all those involved in Staffs should be confined to a ward run at the same high standards as Staffie care for a year and see how many come out alive?
Khunte kinda doesn't get healthcare but he does get profit not patients. A whole year of pre nursing students working as interns will drive care standards up no end and help the private sector cut costs year on year. 17 546 HCAs @ say £ 14,000 a year = £ 245.6 million vs 17 546 newly registered trained nurses @ £ 21,176 = £ 371.5 million = a minimum potential profit (efficiency gain) £ 126 million.
And it was great to see Andy Burnham "in the crematorium" being the indignant one over System failures as he was one of the Tripartite leaders in health that over saw introduction of Foundation Trusts and the concept of profit before patients.
Praise be to the Party for always being right and politicians always being smartarses and dumping on those they dictated to to do their bidding.
PS apologies if Khunte's language isn't quite right for it was many years ago since one of the team was stationed in Brixton as part of our training.


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