Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Gift.

Sometimes people who abuse the NHS free at the point of care just do not realize how stupid they are and how lame their excuses for doing so are too. Just look at this piece in a GP magazine to realize why the A&E politically generated "crisis" exists.

Now you have to admire a man who blames GPs for the A&E crisis and then insists that GPs working weekends will ease the A&E “crisis”. This is a man who has had the advantage of a highly privileged education albeit a PPE degree from Oxford University.

So let us apply some political logic here. If Mr Hunt thinks that GPs working at the weekend will ease the A&E crisis yet highly educated people “cannot wait” to see a GP no doubt because that will interfere with Tarquin’s trip to the pony club or Jemimah’s ballet classes or Daddy further screwing up the health service then clearly those less well educated than you will follow your lead.

It’s an emergency – whatever, whenever and it is free at the point at abuse by anyone.

Praise be to the Party for leadership from above and by example. Let us now wait for the first politician to criticize A&E waits or as an old joke goes let they without sin cast the first stone . . . put them down Jeremy and Andy . . .


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