Friday, 9 October 2015


You have to admire the man with the silly, smug grin and without a clue who is the current health secretary when it comes to demonstrating his commitment to the NHS via the New Deal(s).

Could we respectfully suggest that all head teachers in the land show these videos to their brightest and best and ask them what do these videos mean and will their pupils be throwing themselves on their swords in order to become the GPs of the future?

The team at ND Central discovered this website that has just issued its second, sorry third GP recruitment video in a few days.

Ditto all current medical students and F2 doctors and all those medical school dean dudes who should be showing them 24/7 into every medical students’ or junior doctors’ rooms to alleviate instantly the shortage of GPs now and to come.

Perhaps a Freedom of Information request along the lines of how many additional GPs have been recruited per pound spent on these inspirational videos is in order?

Real time and real life GPs looking at the first one will be cringing thinking oh no not another form to complete for a jobsworth let us jump off a cliff without a parachute for we get so many of these a week.

For the second video doctors and nurses in General Practice will be thinking if we hadn’t spent so much time filling in care plans to prevent this year’s record hospital admissions then maybe some asthma reviews could have been done instead?

And for the third well by then we had lost the will to live . . .

And a slightly better video about matters current can be found here.

This at least might bring a smile to someone's face if you have not seen it as yet.

Praise be to the Party for spending money on a problem to ease it while not addressing the underlying problem itself which it has created.

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