Tuesday, 10 November 2015

British Medical Computing is crap 002.

Those doctors in the medical team we report on who have turned to the Dark Lord’s side have encountered how bad British Medical Computing (BMC) is. For the Dark Lord’s playmates insist that they use an NHS or a BMC email account.

The Dark Lord’s playmates insist that all NHS surfs use these because they are deemed to be secure. Indeed they are for many of the Dark Lord’s new playmates have all had the same problem. They could not access their own new super secure BMC email accounts for the login details and passwords supplied to them by the NHS IT Thickerazzi were all wrong.

Another glaringly obvious problem with BMC email accounts is completely clear to those who have worked in General Practice for years and that is how small they are. We do not advertise here at ND Central but compare some typical email account inbox sizes and think if you were to pay for this how big would you want yours to be?

Gmail 15 GB free storage, BT quotes as here unlimited storage (other suppliers are available) while NHS mail does a mere 400MB. True socialized medicine for all good NHS comrades to bask in the omnipotence of its excellence.

This is a massive increase over previous BMC email accounts of some 60% comrades so clearly illustrating how glorious comrade NHS managers are raising NHS productivity in line with the 5 year plan (of being shafted by the computing industry senselessly and costing all tax payers dear for peanuts in return via BMC). 

Of course this efficiency gain of BMC email acoount size comrades was at the expense of all previous emails being lost so that will save practice managers loads of time by not having to read them ever again – or will it?

Of course the current philosophy about NHS email is that you should delete all emails read to preserve storage space a policy no doubt that came from the top the Nicholson “it wasn’t me” philosophy. 

UK practice managers receive many emails a day and a BMC email account no doubt boasts a secure service along the lines of Philby, Maclean and Burgess but when your average practice manager has to spend the first part of their day deleting crap in order to find the wheat amongst the huge amount of NHS chaff (spam) something clearly has gone seriously wrong with BMC. 

Why do they have to do this? Because many use their inbox to store information that they may need in the future for example discusions regarding services purchased for the practice. If there were to be a dispute then this information would be of use. However BMC does not recognize how people use their email accounts in the free market they only do socialized medicine.

There is so much crap sent to NHS mail inboxes that China or North Korea does not need to do a cyper attack to disable the NHS, its own IT via BMC email does it on a daily basis. They could however help it a long but by duplicating it a few times over if they so wished. For your average practice manager using BMC is like starting a coal powered steam engine each day versus a diesel or an electric train.

One is slightly slower than the others to get going to the point where you can start moving forward in the morning (unless you come in several hours before the working day to fire up the engine that is BMC email). 

So BMC proves once again that it is not fit for purpose but has continued to leach billions from the public purse to provide private profit via the preferred provider/bidder, any qualified provider or any other use of language to use the simple word shaft scheme which means double the cost for half the service.

Praise be the Party for ensuring that whenever an NHS person is provided with BMC the private sector gets so much more value for money than the patient or the healthcare end user.

Stop press comrades. There is a rumor that NHS.mail 2 will now offer accounts in the GB scale but this has been delayed no doubt for improved efficiency gains. Will that be 0.4 GB?

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I think you'll find they're really NHS serfs

Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the Lord of the Manor who owned that land.