Thursday, 19 November 2015


Well at last the repeated kicking by politicians of the political football called the NHS has led a group of individuals to say NO!

The junior doctors in the United Kingdom who are those who are not consultants or General Practitioners (GPs) have voted as follows:

98% in favour of striking

76% turnout.

Compare that with the general election results of:

36.9% for the current Party

66% turnout.

We hope that the political gong hunters at the BMA will not repeat mistakes learned over the past 40 years and do as we recall from a letter from c. 25 years ago in which one of the team wrote to a former colleague in the first world:

"With public and professional support behind us it was like going from Normandy to Berlin and then giving back everything that we had gained and saying sorry over the deal the BMA negotiated (then)." 

A day a week every week is no different to a Bank holiday a week and if the the limp wristed gong hunters had thought realistically and tactically then doing the same number of strikes starting on Monday 21st December on consecutive days may have achieved by blitzrieg what may not be achieved by siege warfare.

We shall see what happens.

Emergency patient care will not be affected and it may be improved for for once “the consultant will see you immediately” rather than several hours after you are admitted.

Routine outpatient work and elective procedures i.e. non urgent care will be and we suspect the media will crank this up as they have already used cancer care as being affected.

Praise be to the Party who continues to see healthcare as a service like McDonalds that can make a profit by only paying highly trained staff less for more and not realizing that they can see through the lies.

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