Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Thank You.

Occasionally as a GP you get a thank you letter but this has to be tempered with the unwritten rule that when you receive one it is usually followed by 3 letters of complaint. So can you imagine how happy United Kingdom GPs must be to have all been thanked by none other than the current secretary of health our very own Jeremy Hunt.
We are sure that fellow GPs across the land on the junior doctors’ strike days were busy as usual on the golf course perfecting their swing rather than seeing patients. We thought we would enlighten Jeremy as to what happened on the ground.
First all our junior doctors’ appointments were cancelled thereby reducing appointments available for 2 days. Several doctors went and joined our juniors on the picket lines others, while doing home visits, tooted their support from their vehicles along with other members of the public and unusually there were actually free appointments in surgery despite the reduced numbers of appointments available.
So thank you Jezza for thanking us for what we did on the strike day and we suspect quite a lot of other GPs did exactly the same to support the NHS.
Praise be to the Party for Jeremy a man so in touch with the medical profession and the NHS he has not got a clue about it but thinks he knows it all. You can show your appreciation here.

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