Friday, 24 June 2016

Are we there yet?

For months here in the UK the population has been bombarded on a daily basis by claim and counter claim about its continuing involvement with the European Union. Today at long last the British people actually have had their say in contrast to the politicians et al who have had hours of air time. 
What has been decided by the combined people(?s) of the United Kingdom will mean there is only one thing that will be absolutely certain and that is that despite the lies and counter lies the NHS will be no better or worse off. Throughout the whole campaign both sides have banged on about the NHS using the NHS in the only way politicians know how to use it for as a mere political football to kick to death. And boy have they given it a good kicking. 
Just look at how little we spend on the NHS as a percentage of GDP compared with other European countries for until this increases the NHS will only get worse regardless of whether we are in or out of Europe.
Praise be to the Party for spending so much time talking about the NHS rather than spending a little more time to fix it. Talk as they say is cheap, healthcare is not especially good quality healthcare.
Still if you believe that the 200+ CCGs in the England get a share a £ 350 million a week that went to Europe then £ 350 million shared by 200 to keep the maths simples means that each CCG should be getting an extra 1.5 million a week to spend or may be a bit less given the other countries in the UK so the NHS will be laughing all the way to the brexit . . . ? Dream on.


GrumpyRN said...

And how long did it take that odious little shit Farage to say that when he said there would be £350M available for the NHS he didn't really mean that the NHS would get £350M.

We are now looking at a right wing tory party in charge with little regard for people who get things for 'free'.

Doctor Zorro said...

Farage of course is not in government, not even an MP. So it's not something he could deliver on anyway. That should have been obvious right from the start. One silver lining though is that, with luck, the blood letting that's about to engulf the tory party will take in Hunt.

Northern Doc said...

Thanks ladies for your comments. Thought we were the only ones to have seen through the lies. The night of the long knives unfortunately wasn't long enough!