Thursday, 27 November 2008

Eh up luv is tha doing a Gordon surgery or somemit else?

One of the team read with interest the Jobbing Doctor’s blog of their posse’s description of the extra hours for no pay that Gord the Holy, beyond all others than Mugabe, feels must be inflicted on GPs as penance for their sin of doing the contract.

Knowing that the next day NDs’ artistic member was due to do a “Gordon surgery” in a PCT building with no heating after a long and sub zero drive to work in the frozen North starting at 07.30hrs with 3 unfilled appointments at 10 minutes each then do a day on call until 18.30hrs with no heating this team member did say that they would be doing “an extra Brown shift that f**king day for no extra f**king cash but paying a f**king fortune for extra childcare”.

While we at ND do not condone the use of expletives we do note that the phrase “extra Brown shift” could, with the removal of a letter or the use of a silent f, become a phrase that could summarize a lot of current health policy being dumped on general practice.

Praise be to the Party and the ever changing English language.

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