Monday, 3 November 2008

NHS Rangers leading the way - the War on MRSA #1.

NothernDoc starts with this earth sh*ttering idea from one of the most renown leading “teaching hospitals foundation trusts” in Northshire.

To stop MRSA it is simple . . . .

Get your staff, all 3000 of them, to sign for the fact that “they can wash their hands”.

Brilliant Simple Cheap Ineffective almost scientific who needs Einstein just a Modern Matron, a few managers and an infection control committee.

Imagine if as a consultant surgeon (old school of training) you have done 5 years of medical school, a year as a house officer, up to 4 years as a senior house officer, 4 years as a registrar, 4 years as a senior registrar possibly a post graduate degree as well as passing the Fellow College of Royal Surgeons (FRCS) exam and oh yes during this minimum of 18 years of training you might just have had to scrub up at least once to go into an operating theatre on the odd occasion.

What a brilliant idea! MRSA cured in a stroke.

Some more pieces of revolutionary health care coming soon in the NHS management drive for more paper not patient initiatives (paper is after all cheaper than patients):

I can wipe my own bottom
I can do my own bra strap/fly up
I can print X for my signature
I can flush a toilet

5 simple cheap ideas at 3000 pieces of paper per idea = MRSA defeated with 30 reams of paper in one Trust alone.

Rangers lead on to victory.

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