Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Honest MP’s expenses versus GP’s expenses a few musings

While busily waiting for patients, most of whom were in and out in 2 minutes, we were at ND Central (following Party orders and offering 10 minute appointments) reading a non medical blog and came across some MP’s expenses on the web and so we dared look up the local MPs in this prosperous part of Northenshire.

Being of the landed gentry stock we were amazed to discover how much our elected representatives were claiming given their affluent backgrounds.

The source of this information came from the scurrilous political blog Guido Fawkes and to look up what your MP claimed in the year April 2007- March 2008 go here .

We got our finance wizard to look at the figures and see if we could compare our expenses as evil overpaid under worked GP scum who are destroying the health services against those honest, hard working MPs led by the ever honest and prudent Gordon Brown MP who are trying to reform our health service for the common good of the Party (Praise be).

Oh yes and for the electorate we forgot about them but so did the Party so that is all right but we are GPs and the cause of all UK healthcare problems as we are paid too much.

Comparing like for like expenses where possible we present in Technicolor:

The costs of running one Northernshire MP full time (excluding summer and other breaks as a pooled average of our 3 local MPs) in red


The costs of running one full time (normal holidays) Northernshire GP in blue:

Total Expenses: MP £ 110,934 GP £ 88,356

Staff costs: MP £ 75,818 GP £ 45,656

Stationary and postage costs: MP £ 1,107 GP £ 1,145

Number of surgeries: MP 2.3 per month GP 8 per week

Hours of surgery time: MP 4.3 per month GP 19.75 per week

Constitunency/practice population: MP 74,000 GP 10,000

(The expenses figure for GPs is all practice expenses while the figure for MPs is just those items gleaned from the link above.)

Remember this is Northernshire where first world healthcare is the norm, there are no waiting lists, no MRSA or Clostridium infections and where all patients are driven to their appointments in chauffer driven Rolls Royces after they disembark from their helicopter.


Praise be to the Party for keeping the pockets of the essential health care workers called MPs full while depriving the masses of what they need. Frontline healthcare.

Dare you! Check out your MP’s expenses wad and remember they get paid on top of their expenses.

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