Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Northernshire Ku Klux Klan

In the last couple of weeks we at ND Central have noticed a slight hardening of attitudes in reception towards foreign nationals.

ND Central is in an interesting part of Northernshire in that until the Party decided to disperse immigrants and asylum seekers away from the coastal ports it had a 99+% Caucasian population and a very high percentage of the population claiming to be Christian something our medical students found hard to understand when they did practice population audits. They have worked elsewhere in Northernshire where there were high immigrant and deprived populations.

Now granted that if you go abroad you expect free healthcare.

It is after all one of the inalienable British “rights” such as the one whereby all foreigners must speak English albeit never actually in any law.

Of course, now we are part of the EU, there are now European “rights” to free health care albeit actually in law.

This is why all of our patients will go abroad, drink themselves senseless on their holidays (which they have paid for) and ignore any illness they have for 2 weeks until the plane touches down on UK soil.

Their first abusive phone call will be to get an “emergency” appointment with their GP, or they will drop into a local A&E department as an “emergency”.

Both of these services will have been available overseas (but for a price) for the illness that they have had for the whole 2 weeks they have been on holiday.

But hit the UK and IT IS AN EMERGENCY.

The same now applies to many foreign nationals.

They too may have years of illness and will tell UK GPs that there is nothing wrong with them but walk out with a prescription for 5 items for free as they are over 60 and they don’t now have to pay for it.

Same problems overseas, no prescription as it costs.

Free healthcare = prescription.

This sea change is not inspired here by us at ND Central where we have noticed a huge amount of p*** taking by people of all nations in terms of getting free healthcare something that anyone who is not a politician or NHS manager will realize does not occur anywhere else in the world.

Anywhere else in the world if you can’t pay, you don’t get treated.


Bit like food.

No money no food but that is alright isn’t it?

Healthcare is a service while food is a necessity to life.

One you have to pay for the other is free in the United Kingdom.

However, if you can pay you may get better treatment which is why some of our more affluent patients go abroad for treatment in the first world, the USA, and even the less affluent have been known to fly to India for dental treatment while on holiday as the total costs involved (holiday and treatment) are less than getting the same treatment from the local NHS, sorry, private dentist.

And it is better and quicker.

It would appear that that the bean counters that are the local Thickerazzi have discovered this new (to them) healthcare tourism and are now instigating institutionalized racism in the same way that they support institutionalized incompetence.

A comrade graph manager has noticed an influx of the same patients coming from Europe who are getting health care and drugs in blocks of 3 months according to the local Politburo’s under graph manager for registrations (EU Nationals) Eastern European sub commissariat division’s latest graph which is at variance form the DoH’s under graph manager for registrations (EU Nationals) Eastern European sub commissariat division’s latest graph.

This is not allowed.


We can register EU residents for 3 months as temporary patients and they are entitled to free health care without any additional paperwork. Drugs they have to pay for overseas are cheaper on a prescription here. So come over here to work, register as a temporary resident for 3 months, go back home for a week and then re register.

Free healthcare, free prescriptions no questions, no paperwork. Bring the family too.

We now have, from the Party, several pages of paper (paper not patients) which says who can, or cannot, have healthcare based on their nationality and what paperwork they have to produce in order to be registered at a GP Practice in Northernshire.

We at ND Central are now the new UK Border Guards for NHS Healthcare plc.

Unarmed, on patrol, while the Thickerazzi struggle with this new problem.

It is after all upsetting a comrade under graph manager and costing money. The Thickerazzi are monitoring us as they are asking us which (local) patients at 101 are still alive at what address, their nationality and have we seen their passport, and a host of documents, utility bills and that is just for the local population?

This is a ripple effect from the local Supreme Thickerazzi Central (Northernshire) which has only just noticed this as someone said “Spasiba” to one of their number after treatment at a GP Practice rather than at the local Politburo meeting. As a result the Stasi are on the case as the whole of NHS Northernshire is troubled with the problem of overseas nationals getting free NHS care without the correct paperwork.

Where have they been for the last few years to realize what is going? Certainly not working in General Practice.

Praise be to the Party for its provision of free healthcare to those that have never paid for it. Such compassion acts as a beacon to all and creates conflict on the frontline. Try getting free healthcare abroad.

Can you?

Are we treating our own?

Check the cancer clock it is still ticking.

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jayann said...

Anywhere else in the world if you can’t pay, you don’t get treated.Spain?

Bit like food.

No money no food but that is alright isn’t it?
(as I meant to say to Crippen the last time he went on about this) governments either give officially needy people food and food stamps (USA) or guarantee an income that's meant to provide for food *and more*.