Tuesday, 1 June 2010

They’re out.

Woke up this am and it was announced on the news how much the top civil servants earn. We had a quick look at those in the Department of Health. The spreadsheet with all this riveting information can be found on the Cabinet Office website or if you are too excited to wait it is here.

Now to your average Daily Mail reader and believer you will think most of these are not badly paid in contrast to your average GP’s £ 250,000 a year. Compare these figures below with the number of underpaid NHS managers:

David Nicholson NHS Chief Executive
£ 255,000 - £ 259,000

Claire Chapman Director General of Workforce
£ 220,000 - £ 224,999

Sir Liam Donaldson Chief Medical Officer
£ 205,000 – £ 209,999

Christine Connelly Chief Information Officer
£ 200,000 - £ 204,999

Gabriel Scally Regional Director of Public Health
£ 200,000 - £ 204,999

David Behan Director General of Social Care, Local Government and Carepartnerships (what a title anyone know what it means?)
£ 180,000 - £ 184,999

Duncan Selbie Chief Executive
£ 180,00o - £ 184,999

David Salibury Director of Immunisation
£ 175,000 - £ 179,999

Lindsey Davies Interim Regional Director of Public Health (you can even work out how much an interim is worth)
£ 165,000 - £ 169,999

Martin Bellamy ICT Director
£ 160,000 - £ 164,999

Sir Hugh Taylor Permanent Secretary DH
£ 155,000 - £ 159,999

It seems you get more for buggering up the health service and not seeing or treating patients than you do for seeing and treating patients. And we bet they can all be seen by any patient in the UK within 48 hours and are doing extended hours and weekends as well for the same salary.

Praise be to the Party for its new “transparency”. How long will this last we wonder?

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